Don’t call them “FOCACCE”

Italdibipack 27/07/23

Today Italdibipack is celebrating another important success: the installation of a fully automatic line for the packaging process of pizzas and focaccias up to shipping on pallets of one of Italy’s most important and well known food companies, thanks to our top of the range L-SEALER MECPACK FIVE STARS BIG TOUCH plus its HEAT-SHRINKING TUNNEL with the best performances for products of Italian excellence



Thanks for your presence at Host Milano

ITALDIBIPACK would like to thank you for participating in Host Milano 2021

If it would be possible to pack a success, this looks exactly just like Italdibipack presence in Host Milano, recently held in Milano (Italy).

The ingredients include: simplicity in operational functionality, high manufacturing standards, innovative design for the widest range of packaging machines in the World, always with the best value for money.

The most important ingredient? YOU!

It was for sure the right combination of all these ingredients that allowed us to achieve that great success.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your contribution, for the interest and attention you reserved to our production.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Italdibipack to test the quality of our machines, 100% Made in Italy, or once again in a next exhibition we will attend.

We confirm you we stay at your full and complete disposal to solve with success all your packing exigencies.



Wie jedes Jahr möchte Italdibipack auch in diesem Jahr nicht auf SIGEP verzichten, die internationale Ausstellung für Gebäck, Eis, Kuchen und Kaffee! Italdibipack präsentiert eine Sonderausgabe von SIGEP am Hauptsitz in Pogliano Milanese in der Nähe von Mailand.

Möchten Sie Baguettes, Brot oder Backwaren einpacken? Müssen Sie Süßigkeiten verpacken? Energie-, Diät- oder Proteinriegel? Schokoriegel oder Pralinen? Testen Sie Ihre köstlichen Produkte auf unseren Verpackungsmaschinen. Unsere Ingenieure stehen Ihnen 7 Tage die Woche zur Verfügung. Besuchen Sie unseren neuen Ausstellungsraum.

Verpassen Sie nicht unsere hausgemachte Sigep Edition!



We are pleased to bring to your knowledge that our Dibiflow 500 flowpack packaging machine,

with innovative technology and 100% made in Italy, exceeding all expectations, it has given more than optimal results within major manufacturers of masks on a national scale.

DIBIFLOW 500 is much more faster than the average of others similar flowpack machines.

DIBIFLOW 500 machine is therefore ideal for all hygienic-sanitary applications, essential today, more than ever, for the difficult moment we are experiencing.

Italdibipack is at your service with all its know-how on the packaging of masks:

– as an integration of manufacturing lines made in Italy, of Companies already present in the textile industry qualified and also experts in fabrics – TNT

– repackaging units from multiple packages to be then distributed / sold individually

– for all types of hygienic and sanitary packaging, but not only those, Italdibipack know how includes also the packaging of food and any other products…

Discover the whole ITALDIBIPACK range at SERVICE of HEALTH and HYGIENE, by click on the Special here dedicated.