New Italdibipack resale point in Switzerland, thanks to ANTALIS and ABC Pack! - ITALDIBIPACK

New Italdibipack resale point in Switzerland, thanks to ANTALIS and ABC Pack!

ITALDIBIPACK and ABC PACK, the long-term business partner of Italdibipack in Germany,  are more than pleased to announce the opening of the new Italdibipack resale point in Switzerland, thanks to ANTALIS COMPANY:

“Our showroom in Lupfig, allows you to discover our packaging solutions and machines and their applications on site. Our wide range of machines helps to find the best packaging solution suited to every  kind of project. There you will find a large selection of packaging materials, designs and applications to bring your ideas to life. Take the time to look, hear, touch. Visit us, we look forward to welcoming you.”

A new showroom where you can test the reliability of all Italdibipack machines, starting to the pallets wrapping range. The ECOSPIR range with the turntable platform in all their multiple variants (motorized pre-stretch; open turntable type for the easy loading with manual fork-lifts or systems with fixed forks at the base; the increased column to reach higher wrapping heights; platforms with a diameter of 1500, 1650, 1800 or 2000 mm depending on the machine model … and many more) and the most ingenious family of robotic pallet wrapping machines in the World: the LEO and LEONARDO robots, with a very attractive design, impossible to forget!

ITALDIBIPACK LEONARDO ROBOTS can answer to the most different wrapping needs, even the most difficult … innovative and avant-garde stretch pallet robots, patented but at the same time for everyone!

Strengthened by the seriousness and reliability of our new business partner, ANTALIS, the Italdibipack range is therefore from Today at your complete disposal also in Lupfig (Switzerland) to assist you in the sale as well as in the technical assistance on all Italdibipack as for the heat shrinking range, from the DIBIPACK angular manual sealer machines, to the ESPERT semiautomatic angular sealer machines with integrated shrink tunnel, the most compact on the market, up to the fastest MECPACK the automatic heat shrinking wrapping machines, L sealer + heat shrinking tunnel, including ECOFARD LINE, the sleeve wrapping machine with pusher, motorized conveyor belt or 90° automatic loading, without forgetting those dedicated to the end of line, like our SKINPACK machine, SKIN 5035 EV & SKIN 5070 EV, the evolution of the popular MAGIC SKIN).

Last but not least, at Lupfig Show room, Italdibipack most successful segment: the Flowpack range from the inclined and tilted UNIQUE, wrapping machines for food of all kinds, baked products (bread and derivatives, snacks, sweets, confectionary and fruit and vegetables, meat, but not only) to the traditional solid, compact and very fast DIBIFLOW, to wrap single-dose products in trays or loose.


Thanks to Antalis and ABC PACK, Italdibipack becomes ever closer to its Swiss Customers and it is ready to collect every packaging need to transform it into a winning solution.


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